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We will help you as a buyer or a seller to be prepared for a safety check.  BUT let us share with you why Pedherney Performance Automotive does not provide the government mandated paperwork required for the selling or buying of a used car.

If you are looking to buy a used car and/or are automotively/machine challenged, we do offer a service that will provide our expert opinion on a car that you are very close to making a firm offer on, or are selling.  That service sees us provide a performance and visual/audible/mechanical assessment of the vehicle.  Your cost is $45.00.  Many have said this is small insurance to avoid or negotiate a big problem a short time after purchase.

Rusty Old Truck



JJ had a 2010 Kia Soul in which the engine was blown (2nd engine in this vehicle). 

We were asked to source a used engine, install it and they could sell it, to secure the balance of their proceeds for them to invest in a lower maintenance alternative.  No issues and we, as well as our used engine supplier would stand behind that used engine.


PROBLEM:  The cost for a used Kia engine was outrageous, because there were so few (why they were in such demand, I’ll let you draw your own conclusions).  We then undertook a long and detailed conversation with a local Kia dealership and secured their complete parts estimate for a new engine.  The conclusion was both would be the same price, new or used. 

Before undertaking inserting a new engine, we suggested that JJ put it on Kijiji for sale as is.  She did, and the smile on her face was huge! It provided her 2-5 times greater sum for the gently Used Honda she would end up purchasing.  



But our advice and digging provided us with a committed customer who did not have to undergo the lost time of this work and in the end might have left her significantly short of the SOLUTION.

Safety Checks are supposed to be very black and white. 

However, I would ask if you remember the game telephone when you were at camp or back in school (where a circle of 6 people relay the same message secretly from one to the next)?  Well that is how we view this part of the business. 

Our job is to give you the very best advice and provide you with the very best service.  But in this game of deciding what is right or wrong, passable or not passable, and the quality of work needed to meet our standards we prefer to defer to others (and we will) for the final decision in B&W.

We want the Win-Win between you and us, not 3 parties.

Call and tell us what your situation is so we might guide you (even if it is to direct you to someone to actually complete the safety check), but we’ll stick to what we do best! Performance Automotive!

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