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Pedherney Performance Auto is your one stop shop for all your vehicular repair and maintenance needs.  Located in Westport, Ontario, we house a team of highly skilled mechanics that work to keep your vehicle on the road for longer.


Growing up in a family with two significantly older brothers, lead to a learned trait of refusing to ever be left behind. My parents had to have done a great job as Rob and Brian were kind enough to indulge me and is best exemplified by my continuing exposure to performance cars.


One summer when I was 18, a close friend and neighbour George wanted to take a short vacation from his auto shop in Westport and he asked if I’d look after the place while he was gone. Upon his return he could not believe how clean and organized I had the place. It was at this point he formally encouraged my passion and took me on as an apprentice.


While I Jason started the business and opted for Jays Auto Service with the entire family it must more accurately reflect my passion for family and cars and reflect how we want to keep your automotive vehicle on the road and performing to peak performance. So we are changing the name to reflect that.


I welcome you to experience the passion of Pedherney Performance Auto and become a regular as we ensure your vehicle(s) are serviced to your satisfaction and to maximum value. 

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